Wild Rapids

Grab a super tube and jump on the 16-metre-high Wild Rapids for a ride on the wild slide!

One tube per-person


SpeedTwister Slides

Two of the fastest waterslides in Perth.


Hydro Tube

The longest of our waterslides in Perth.

Ages 5 and under can use this slide, ONLY on the lap of an Adult I(18+)


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Our Hydro Tube Waterslide The view from the top! Enjoying the Hydro Tubes

important information

  • Must be 6 years and older to ride the slides.
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS unless accompanied by an adult (18+) on our Hyrdo Tube Slide ONLY.
  • Riders must have suitable swimming clothing.
  • Not suitable for pregnant mothers or people suffering from back ailments, weak hearts or other predisposed injuries, conditions or disabilities that could place them at risk.