Wild Rapids

Grab a super tube and jump on the 16-metre-high Wild Rapids for a ride on the wild slide!

One tube per-person


SpeedTwister Slides

Two of the fastest waterslides in Perth.


Hydro Tube

The longest of our waterslides in Perth.

Ages 5 and under can use this slide, ONLY on the lap of an Adult I(18+)


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Our Hydro Tube Waterslide The view from the top! Enjoying the Hydro Tubes

important information

  • Must be 6 years and older to ride the slides.
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS unless accompanied by an adult (18+) on one of our slides.
  • Riders must have suitable swimming clothing.
  • Not suitable for pregnant mothers or people suffering from back ailments, weak hearts or other predisposed injuries, conditions or disabilities that could place them at risk.

Waterslides are closed as of 28th of April 2015 on weekdays ONLY

Waterslides re-open on the 4th of September 2015