We want everyone to kick back and cut loose at the Great Escape, but you can only relax and have fun if you feel safe too. That's why we have a number of ground rules that everyone has to abide by.

Our ground rules
  • Glassware, sharp knives and implements may not be brought into our fun park.
  • Alcohol may not be brought in or consumed.
  • No smoking is allowed.
  • Eyewear is not permitted on any of our waterslides.
  • For safety reasons, if you are unable to comply with correct riding procedures for any attraction, you will not be permitted to ride. This may include guests that have restricted movement due to a plaster cast. Consult the lifeguard at each attraction for further information.
Bringing food into the Great Escape

No outside food is allowed into the park, however our Beach Club Cafe offers a wide range of hot and cold snacks and drinks.  Please note, alcohol is strictly forbidden..

A note to parents

We do everything we can to make your family's visit to the Great Escape a fun and safe one - our safety record is exemplary. However, it is your responsibility to supervise your children and ensure their safety at all times.


To help you keep watch, the Royal Life Saving Society has created some guidelines.


  • For 0 - 5 year olds, provide constant attention, stay close and be within arm's reach at all times
  • 6 - 10 year olds must be in visual contact at all times
  • Physically check up on your 11 - 14 year olds on a regular basis
  • And remember, if you have any queries or concerns, contact a member of our friendly team